Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Morning - Surgery Day +1

Magalie had a good night. Charlene stayed in the hospital and I went to the House of Compassion about 11:30. She is over there now to clean up. Magalie is still sedated and has a breathing tube in. She will stay sedated until they take out the breathing tube. She also has a feeding tube. It will stay in a little longer. They are not yet sure whether the breathing tube will come out today or tomorrow. It depends on the numbers on the monitor - something about how much oxygen is in her system as I get it. Here are three pix from her arrival in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit last night. As she rounded the corner there were at least six medical professionals hovering over her. Charlene may have better pictures. If so I will post some of them later today. She has her camera with her.

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