Sunday, December 20, 2009

Magalie, Day Nine

Today has been both uneventful and trying, if the two are not mutually exclusive. Right now we are playing a music CD of little kids songs (not Disney tunes - more like "The More We Get Together," and "Ring Around the Rosie"), very lightly done. The CD and the player are courtesy of the hospital. Magalie is quiet for one of the few times today. She has been agitated most of the day.

But there is a group of the people in the dreaded yellow gowns coming into the room. They have to put another IV line in. We have had a lot of trouble with IV lines and the current one is getting sore. They are putting in a second so they can switch off. She is sooo tired of being poked, prodded, and even looked at.

And there seems to be something else bothering her, but so far we have been unable to identify it. We were thinking earlier that she might be disturbed at having to use a diaper, but that seems unlikely at this point. She still has to lie flat. We are hoping she will be allowed to get up tomorrow.

Writing is my distraction. They are finished now. Our night nurse is going to do all her checks so Magalie can rest awhile. Meanwhile, Alex called and I have to run back to the Twin Cities to take his backpack. Goodnight.

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