Friday, December 11, 2009

7:00 Report

We just spoke with the neurosurgeon. Removal of the mass was uneventful. They are constructing a nose now. The eyes have been pulled together. He said she has been stable all day - no problems and none anticipated. Still no concrete time to finish, they will not hurry. He said she is going to look good.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Keep praying, it is not over yet. Last night in Port au Prince 50 people came together for a special prayer service for Magalie. God is good and He has brought her this far. My prayer is for successful surgery for her and for His glory.

I continue to marvel at the generosity of these people who are being paid nothing for all this highly skilled gruelling, technically challenging work. I think especially of the plastic surgeon who is sending so many hours of delicate work for no charge. And of all the others. Thank you, Lord for putting these God-hearted people in our path.

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