Friday, December 18, 2009

Magalie Surgery Plus 7 Days

I am in the hospital cafeteria. Magalie is back in surgery. Charlene and Mary B are there as well, until she gets to sleep. Then they will join me here. The docs are going to put a spinal tap in. The theory is that by relieving the pressure on the spinal fluid they can allow the leak in her head to heal. If that does not work, they will have to go in through her new nose to try to find and patch a leak. The Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat people are not at all enthusiastic about that option, saying it will be very difficult to find. Our prayer is that this pressure relief effort results in successful healing. She should be singing and dancing by now, but is hurting instead. Please keep the prayers going.


  1. my name is Darla Ferguson. I went to Haiti with Evelyn Boyd last year. We have had Magalie in our prayers since she got to your place. We appreciate all you are doing and for the blog that keeps us updated. Our congregation in Rule, Texas is also praying for her and all of you and the drs.

  2. Thank you so much. Darla. Please convey our thanks to the congregation and tell Evelyn we said "Hi."

    Magalie still has to lie flat and it is tough, but she is eating again - mostly ice cream and popsicles, sometimes pancakes.