Friday, January 1, 2010

Magalie Is Back At Our House

We got out this morning, just before lunch, and stopped to eat at a pizza joint in Rochester. The other picture is of our friend, Dr. Henry, the infectous disease doc. Our next appointment is a week from today - follow-ups.

Medically what we think is going on is that her system learned to produce enough CSF (cerebral-spinal fluid) for the protrusion between her eyes in addition to the normal amounts needed. When they removed the protrusion, the system kept producing the extra fluid. The docs were most afraid that the excess would come out of her nose and create a permanent path, so they put a temporary drain in her lower back. When they took it out, the pressure built up again and in a couple of days she went into crisis. They let off the pressure and waited. She got better right away. Right now they are hoping the system has adjusted the volume of the fluid. If the pressure builds up again, we will have to go back in to reinstall a drain. For an American child they might put in a "stent", a permanent drain that drains into the abdomen. But too many things can go wrong with a stent to think about sending a child with one back the mountains of Haiti. We think we are in a good place now, because it has been three days and she is doing great. We will keep you posted.

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