Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Forget Haiti

Several have commented that what Haiti needs now is food, water, medical and building supplies. But ironically, that is what Haiti needed all along. It was just that people were not noticing. This Tom Toles political cartoon comes to us from the Washington Post and is right on target.
What Haiti also needs are hope, education, good health care, farm to market roads, a stable government, and a place in the world market. The challenge for all of us will be to keep Haiti on the radar when the next disaster strikes somewhere else and the world's relief organizations rush off to help out there. Haiti needs people to love her. She needs people who will respect her citizens, and who will work to assure that they have a voice
in their own government and in the affairs of the world market. Let's don't forget Haiti when the excitement is over.

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  1. I saw Magalie's story on the news up here on Vancouver Island a few days ago and was very touched by your family's actions - as such, I googled your family to see if Magalie's family was ok and to catch up on a true insider's perspective. Best of wishes and keep up the great and generous work. I have donated through the Red Cross and sending positive hopes to Haiti. Best wishes.