Friday, July 13, 2012

Should I serialize my new book?

I need your commentary on this one.  I am considering serializing my new book.  The book, "Peace on Earth? Relax Christian, God Still Has Your Back," should be out in about a month depending on how fast the publisher moves.

If I were to serialize it, I would post one chapter each Wednesday until it had all been posted on my blog.  There are 12 chapters and some other materials so it would take about three months.  I am now trying to post to the blog every weekend (like this post) and I would continue to do that, not replacing my blog with the book chapters.

Here is some of my thinking on it. I am interested in yours as well:

  • It will be like giving it away. How will that affect book sales?
  • I have been told that people who read a book electronically often go ahead and buy a paper copy. I am not sure I believe that, but it might be interesting to check out.
  • My intent in writing these books was never to make money. At least not much money. My major goal was to get the message out. This might be another way to do that.
Check out the cover art and tell me what you think it means"


  1. I find it hard to believe I am making the first least as far as I can tell. I like the idea of seeing chapters serialized. It would be nice to read chapters prior to the book issuance. Looks like a topic that we all need...peace in the midst of the storm...knowing God really is there for us and has our back. I also wondered about book sales. It seems likely that serializing could increase interest?

    I think the picture reflects the young man at peace in spite of the brewing storm.

    1. Thanks for what truly was the first comment. You nailed the point of the drawing which gives reassurance to me and to the artist, Diane May, Mike's wife. The young man, by the way, is David 3.

  2. I'm a big believer in the model of giving it away for free online and then selling in print later. It helps to build your audience and if readers value the content, they'll want to also have a copy they can keep and refer to easily, whether that's an ebook or print copy.