Saturday, June 30, 2012

Move to Haiti

Charlene and I have made a commitment to move to Haiti for three years!  It was a hard choice for several reasons, number one being the children and grandchildren we will be leaving here in  Minnesota.  However, the people we will be working for have given us a travel budget that will allow us to come home four times a year.  If we time that right we can do some key birthdays and holidays here and will be able to stay up to date will our two stables of doctors.
We will be working for the elders at the Estes Church of Christ in Henderson, Tennessee.  Their job descriptions reads like this:
"Job Description:  Missonary Couple in Port-au-Prince, Haiti"

"The Estes Church of Christ is seeking a missionary couple to join our team in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as Bible teachers and facilitators for short-term workers and mission interns.  Our work in Haiti is multi-faceted and long-term, including Sonlight Children's Home (Roberta Edwards, Administrator), a Nutrition Center, an education sponsorship program, earthquake disaster relief (Larry Waymire, Facilitator), annual medical missions, and cooperative efforts with several congregations and Christian schools in the region.  Some of the primary responsibilities of the missionary couple include:
·  serving as innkeepers for our guesthouse facility, including hosting short-term mission groups, supervising interns, and overseeing the maintenance and security of the property
·  teaching Bible classes for both Christians and non-Christians, in order to help the local churches to mature in leadership as well as grow through evangelism
·  helping with communication, transportation, coordination, and other logistical needs in support of the overall mission in Haiti
·  this missionary couple will be under the oversight of the elders of the Estes Church of Christ; their work will be in cooperation with, but separate from, the work already being done by Roberta Edwards and Larry Waymire"
It will be quite an adventure.  Charlene and I have committed to working on our Haitian Creole language course some each morning.  Bondye beni (God bless you).  More on this later.

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