Thursday, October 26, 2017

:"Growing Up White"

The following is the language from the back cover of my forthcoming book, "Growing Up White - From Pearl Harbor to Black Lives Matter." I hope to have it available in just a few weeks.

"This is the story of the enlightenment of one young man who lived through the Civil Rights Movement, who sympathized with it, cheered for it even, loved the music of it; but who didn’t do anything significant about it.

It will take you from WW2 to Viet Nam, from the murder of Emmet Till to the integration of Little Rock Central High School and from a Black Boy Scout Camp to James Meredith’s admission to Ole Miss. It tells of our adoption of an eleven-year-old Black boy, of the mother who ran away and the church that ran away, of my rescue by a Nigerian man, and of our successful efforts to get Black foster children adopted.

In the end it asks what Jesus would do and it suggests the beginning of a solution to our current racial issues."

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