Thursday, November 14, 2013

What is my publisher up to?

I think I may have caught my publisher in something. I've been doing business with them since 2007 and have never noticed anything wrong until just recently when I stumbled on the issue.

I just opened an independent bookstore in the guest house we host in Port-au-Prince Haiti. In order to get free shipping from the wholesale company I have to order 15 books, so to round out my last order from the wholesaler I ordered copies of one of the books I wrote, rather than order them directly from the publisher.  I should have gotten a discount on it. The publishers all discount the books to the wholesalers who in turn discount them to the bookstores.When I got my bill from my wholesaler I noticed that all the other books were discounted, but the one I wrote was not discounted. They sold it to me for the suggested retail price, meaning that I will not make any money on it.

On November 5, I wrote to my publisher, who shall remain anonymous for now. I simply asked them to check into the problem and let me know what happened.
On November 6 I heard from the publisher. They verified that I should be getting a discount and suggested that I contact the wholesaler.
I contacted the wholesaler the same day and described the problem to them. They replied that I should contact my publisher. I replied on the 8th telling them that I had started with the publisher and that they had referred me to the wholesaler.
On November 9 the wholesaler wrote me back saying that the publisher had given me incorrect information. I wrote the publisher the same day telling them what the wholesaler had said.
On November 11 the publisher said they had sent my inquiry to the Author Support Department and that someone would contact me shortly.
On November 13 someone in Marketing wrote saying she had referred the question to her manager.
Everyone has been very polite and businesslike throughout.  It just seems strange that they cannot figure out what to say to me. I am scratching my head.  Does anyone have any ideas about what might be going on?

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