Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hot showers, angels, and stacks of paper

Thank you Lord for our hot shower.  And thanks to whoever decided it was a good idea to put one in, and to whoever paid for it, and to whoever installed it in this so dusty place.  Some days the shower is the highlight of the day.  As you walk away from washing your hands, they get dusty again.  The kitchen counter that was just wiped down will be dusty again well before the next meal.  I suppose it will be different as the year goes on and we move into the rainy season.  Who knows what that will hold.

If that sounds like a complaint, it is not intended that way. We are having a good time most days.  Charlene has volunteered to teach Roberta's kindergarten class for a few days, and this morning I got the part of the angel in the Balaam story.  Don't laugh, it's better than the donkey part.  I got to wave my "fiery" sword around and look awfully threatening.  Not many lines and I only messed up one of them.  It was more fun than playing the Earl of Kent in King Lear all those years ago at Harding University.

Came home after and did the big "paper sort."  You see we pile up all kinds of papers, including those to be filed and those we need to do something with (like pay a bill).  Then every once in a while, when there is nothing else pressing, I will go through it all, sort it out, and put the various stacks in different places,  On a good day I will finish off the ones we need to do something about.  Today was one of those days, but it still one of my least favourite jobs.  And tomorrow is the day (one day a week) that we get mail and it starts all over again.

Sounds like I am complaining again, but I'm really not.  How was your day?

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