Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Eagan Church at Feed My Starving Children 11.7.2011

The labeling crew
Sue McNamara filling packets
Several affiliated with the Eagan church went to make food packets at Feed My Starving Children Monday night.  It was great fun!  Some of us labeled the packets; some filled them with four ingredients, sealed and boxed them; and some of us worked the warehouse, keeping ingredients handy and weighing, sealing and palleting full boxes.  Along with other groups, in an hour and a half, we filled 61 boxes.  That is 13,176 meals that will feed 61 children one meal a day for a year!  Afterward most of us retired to McDonald's for dinner or ice cream.

Margaret sealing packets
If you cannot attend one of these sessions (we go 3X a year), or if you prefer not to, you can still help by contributing to purchase of ingredients.  $20 will buy enough to feed a child for almost 3 months.  $50 buys one box of food and $90 will feed one child for a year.  93% of all donations go directly to the feeding program. http://www.fmsc.org

Charlene adding veggies to the packets

Shalee and Mike filling the bags

Tommy and David keeping empty boxes handy

Tommy keeping the work tables with enough soy

Dave, still showing up, enjoying a shake after

Part of the crew at McDonalds

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  1. Priceless is the love of those who reach out to others in need.