Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Passports and Haiti trips and birthdays

Matt and I got his passport application submitted today, hopefully in plenty of time to get here before our April trip. He and I and brother Charlie are planning to go do three seminars for churches (two in the south and one in the north) and visit an orphanage on behalf of Orphan's Lifeline. It will be a busy two weeks. We have a lot of planning to do.

Talked to Charlene this afternoon, only the 3rd time since she got to Haiti Thursday. Her fibromyalgia kicked in yesterday and put her down. She countered with prednisone this morning and is feeling much better now. That should last at least until she gets home Thursday night late - hopefully through Alex's 18th birthday party Saturday.

Harding University sent Alex a BD present today - notice that he has been accepted into their Honors College.

If you will give me a few minutes, I plan to post an update on my next book on
Dead to My Flesh. I had encountered a deal killer of a problem with it and a solution hit me in the shower this morning. There is a direct connection to the spirit of God from my shower.

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