Monday, May 12, 2014

out of the pews: 16 reasons to honor women

out of the pews: 16 reasons to honor women

16 reasons to honor women

Honor to Whom Honor is Due
 16 Reasons to Honor Women

Sometimes still in the 21st century women are dishonored for being women.  Just so there is no misunderstanding, those attitudes don't come from God.  He may have assigned us different roles, but he didn't shame women, he honored them.  Here are 16 women honored by God.

Old Testament
          Esther the queen - defeated the powerful, arrogant Hagar & risked her life to save her people from destruction.  Esther
          Rahab, the prostitute, saved God's army's spies and her family & friends & became an ancestor of Jesus.  Joshua 2
          Ruth honored her mother-in-law and also became an ancestor of Jesus, even though she was a foreigner - Ruth
          Deborah, the judge, defeated  King Sisera who had been tormenting the Israelites - superseded General Barak and made a point of it..."because of your attitude ("I'll go if you go along") God will allow a woman to defeat Sisera."  Judges 4 & 5
          Jael - put a stake through King Sisera's head while he was hiding in her tent from General Barak who was looking for him.  Judges 4 & 5
          Sarah - packed up with Abe and went, not knowing where they were going.  She became the "mother of nations."  Genesis 12 & 17
          Hagar - the slave woman was sent out into the desert alone with her little boy.  With God guiding her, she led him to safety and raised him, alone, during a time when that was very hard, and he became the father of a great nation.  Genesis 21

New Testament
          Woman at the well - Jesus was not supposed to be there, not allowed to speak to her.  He did and engaged in a serious religious discussion - amazed his disciples. John 4
          Widow who gave her last two coins - Jesus honored her.  Luke 21:2
          Woman caught in adultery.  Jesus didn't fall for the religious leaders' trickery; let her go. John 8
          Woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears.  She was a sinner. Had money, perfume. Wash feet, kiss, perfume. Sins forgiven.  John 12
          Similar incident in Bethany.  Jesus said everywhere the good news is told, this woman's story will also be told.  Matthew 26:10-13
          Jesus' mother.  "God is very pleased with you."   And "You are special to him."  Luke 1:30.  And Jesus honored her at the cross by putting John in charge of her welfare. John 19:27
          Women who supported Jesus.  Including several whom Jesus had healed and Herod's manager's wife used their own money to support the group.  Luke 8:1-3
          Lois & Eunice.  Timothy's mother and grandmother.  Paul commended their faith.  2 Timothy 1:5
          Lydia.  First convert in Philippi (and Macedonia).  First church in that part of the world met in her home.  No mention of her husband.  Acts 16:14&40

From a lesson delivered at the Ganthier church, Mothers Day, 2014